Scales of War

Thorn's Release and Shadar-kai Involvement
Sarshan casts shadows everywhere...
25 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • The Hordebane released the prisoners, Miri, Pavel, and Master Drachedandion, provided them with food, and sent them off in to the sunset. They were heading toward the Giantshield Mountains Temple of Pelor as their first stop.
  • Thorn indicated that there were secret passages the gnolls didn’t seem to know about, and indicated they would be safer resting in them.
  • Irjan and Chris argued vehemently over what to do about Thorn, loud enough to wake the entire party.
26 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • Irjan took Thorn out to see his last sunrise, and then took his other eye. Barfonameul witnessed this, and was extremely distraught by what he saw as a perversion of the judgement of Pelor.
  • The party set up an ambush of some gnolls they found being trained by a shadar-kai. They were fairly easy pickings. Irjan headed off the shadar-kai as he fled, and shot him dead beyond the foot of the stairs they had climbed to reach the fortress.
  • Thorn said that there was a ritual chamber, likely where Fangren is working on his ritual to become an exarch of Yeenoghu, and it is located at the end of the passage leading off of the room the gnolls had been training in.

Death Toll

A dozen or so gnolls were caught off guard and killed. Also, a shadar-kai was killed as he fled.

New Acquisitions
  • Each player receives 430 XP (Total: 17268)!
  • Chris took Wicked Fang +3, a barbed longsword wielded by one of Fangren’s lieutenants.
  • Irjan picked up a coin purse and a rock that felt as though it was purposefully cut, like a gem stone. He also collected another shadow-steel short sword.

RP Sessions have been discontinued now that game will occur more frequently. Every 2 weeks on Sundays.

Gnolls with Shadow-Forged Weapons
...and a mercenary's betrayal
25 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • The Hordebane decided not to explore the room jammed shut with a broken spear just yet.
  • Instead they returned to the hallway and turned right, away from the stairs that descended to unknown depths.
  • Chris was the one to hear growling voices behind them. She alerted Lilac who tried to silently circle the party and wave frantically at them to stop for a moment.
  • A door at the end of the hall blocked their path, locked, and Lilac sealed it further with a Nail of Sealing. Then the Hordebane turned to see if they were being followed.
  • Irjan quietly descended the stairs to scout ahead. They decided on a frontal assault to have surprise.
  • It seems the gnolls were forewarned and prepared. They fought back fiercely in the confined, torch-lit space. The Hordebane prevailed, but they all knew they would need to find a safe place to rest very soon.
  • Nearly everyone helped Irjan collect his arrows, but Tanner listened instead, to see if the sounds of their scuffle had alerted anyone else to their presence. He was the first to see a familiar, one-eyed elf trying to approach quietly, a net in one hand, bristling with weapons, and commanding his hounds and falcons to attack! Gilgathorn, the mercenary who had warned them of the bounty on their heads, had chosen this precise moment to ambush them.
  • Tanner knocked Thorn unconscious, Lothel attempted to impersonate him, and they defeated the other animals. Thorn was tied up for interrogation, and stripped of his weapons.
  • The ancient but ornate metal doors in this area opened up into tiny rooms being used to house prisoners: a wealthy landowner from Red Rock, a curate from a church of Pelor int he Giantshield Mountains, and a retired sage from the Marsh Forest.

Death Toll

5 more gnolls were killed, Thorn was defeated, and his two trained hounds were also killed. The falcons flew away, never to be seen again.

New Acquisitions
  • Each player receives 817 XP (Total: 16838)! Everyone is now Level 9!
  • Irjan showed interest in one of the gnolls’ shadow-forged short sword.
  • Lilac took Thorn’s weapons, including a Challenge-Seeking Crossbow +3 and 4 Pepper Bombs (treat as single-target Blinding Bombs).
  • It became clear that Bahamut’s Protective Ward (level 8) was bestowed upon Chris.

RP Sessions have been discontinued now that game will occur more frequently. Every 2 weeks on Sundays.

Tales of Glitter and Not Dying
Healers Unite!
25 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • Lilac Derbyshire and Sir Barfonameul Sparklepants caught up with and joined the rest of the Hordebane.
  • Hearing rushing water across the hall that drowned out other sounds, the Hordebane entered a githzerai training chamber and fought off some gnolls with jagged sickles and large hyena mounts.

Death Toll

3 more gnolls were killed, and 3 very large hyenas.

New Acquisitions
  • Each player receives 265 XP (Total: 16022)!
  • Sir Barfonameul Sparklepants joins the party.
  • Professor Hoffmeisteri collected 10 claws from the hyenas: they are Soulfangs of Predatory Nature (Level 3)
  • Irjan gained Bahamut’s Protective Ward (level 8)

RP Sessions have been discontinued now that game will occur more frequently. Every 2 weeks on Sundays.

Behind the Stone Doors
...pick a portal...
25 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • The Hordebane entered Fortress Graystone into the first line of defense: the Githzerai Mind Trap.
  • Some gnolls were there struggling with the portals. They were armed with shadow-steel greatswords and barbed whips, not the most iconic gnoll weapons.
  • The party had the upper hand, and then everyone’s luck changed. Soon everyone but Irjan was unconscious on the floor.
  • Irjan disappeared, and used his invisibility to sneak around and help revive everyone.
  • The Hordebane survived (barely), but their banner was ripped to shreds.

Death Toll

4 gnolls were killed, and nearly everyone in the party tasted death as well.

New Acquisitions
  • Each player receives 438 XP (Total: 15757)!
  • Lots of cuts and bruises.

RP Sessions have been discontinued now that game will occur more frequently. Every 2 weeks on Sundays.

Finding Fortress Graystone
And staying away from bounty hunters!
22 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • The Hordebane sets off for Fortress Graystone immediately.
22-24 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • Searching for the Fortress, they discover many hazards placed in their path that suggest they are being dogged by still more bounty hunters.
25 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • The Hordebane successfully finds Fortress Graystone, and defeats the gnoll sentries standing guard outside. Large stone statues also come to life and nearly kill Tanner, but That Bitch is back and readily leaps to Tanner’s (and Chris’s) aid.
  • The Hordebane prepares to enter the fortress through its heavy stone doors…

Death Toll

Three gnolls and one stoneshifter spirit. Two githzerai statues crumbled. One gnoll escaped into the fortress.

New Acquisitions
  • Each Player receives 800 XP (Total: 15320)

RP Sessions have been discontinued now that game will occur more frequently. Every 2 weeks on Sundays.

Loose Ends and Loose Beginnings
At last, news of Reggen and Diony, and a new quest!
13 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • While others prepared for travel to Brindol, Irjan spoke to a drunk with a monkey and discovered a location of interest in the search for Reggen.
  • The Hordebane checked out a boarded up cellar and discovered Reggen’s hiding place. Apparently she is working with Diony, and he is helping to hide her.
  • The Hordebane (Tanner or Lilac) received a sending stone directly linking them to Reggen.
14 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • The Hordebane departs from Overlook for Brindol, escorting Alys.
17 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • The Hordebane is stopped by a patrol of soldiers near Drellin’s Ferry, and asked if they have seen any evidence of gnolls in their travels.
  • The patrol leader is Zoram Splintershield, he warns the party to be wary.
21 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • The Hordebane arrives in Brindol late at night.
  • Thurann and his father Kartenix invite the Hordebane over for dinner, and they offer them comfortable rooms to sleep in after a long week on the road.
  • Kartenix also warns of danger to the north.
  • Thurann is very excited to hear all of Tanner’s stories.
22 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • The Hordebane meets with Sertanian.
  • Sertanian reveals a talking sword, Amyria, asked for them by name and she offers the Hordebane with a quest to fight gnolls at an old githzerai fortress known as Fortress Graystone and perform a ritual that will restore her to her true form.
  • Bounty hunters attack the Hordebane, do severe damage to priceless artifacts, and get the whole of Elsir Vale made at the Hordebane for recklessly endangering townspeople.
  • Thorn appeared, rushing in to help put out the fire then sees that it is already well in hand. He is surprised to see the Hordebane in Brindol, but he also says “I warned you something like this could happen.”
  • The Hordebane sets off for Fortress Graystone, unable to procure lodging in Brindol after the fire.

Death Toll

Three of the five bounty hunters that attacked the Hordebane were killed. Fortunately, the townspeople of Brindol accepted Sertanian’s assertion that they were defending themselves. A huge blow was struck to the Hordebane’s reputation.

New Acquisitions
  • Each Player receives 590 XP (Total: 14520)
  • Irjan is carrying Amyria, the talking greatsword.

RP Sessions have been discontinued now that game will occur more frequently. Every 2 weeks on Sundays.

That Bitch Came Back
And the Hordebane survived!
13 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • That Bitch returned and helped the Hordebane regroup.
  • Chris killed a lot of the bad guys.
  • Irjan shot Diony to death.
  • Lothel was dragged outside by a kidnapper and incapacitated, but Alys followed and smashed the Lost One over the head and brought her back.
  • The Hordebane interrogated one of the Lost Ones, and learned that the doppelgangers weren’t with them—they’re not sure how they got there.
  • Alys delivered her message. Sertanian sent her to find the Hordebane, and specifically many of the group by name—even though he couldn’t have known all of them. He seemed puzzled by this himself.
  • Upon returning to Morgoff’s, they find that Lilac’s hangover is still pretty bad, but That Bitch is able to help…in exchange for giving L some “vacation time” to take care of his daughter “Wilhelmina.”
  • The group has resolved to tie up some loose ends: figure out what is going on with Diony; track down what became of Reggen; and then head off to Brindol and see what Sertanian needs in such a hurry.

Death Toll

Three doppelgangers were killed, including the one that looked like Diony, and another that Samarita (one of the Lost Ones) initially believed to be Whisper—apparently the leader of the Lost Ones. Reggen’s fate is still unknown.

New Acquisitions
  • Each Player receives 610 XP (Total: 13960)
  • That Bitch is BACK!!
  • Battle Harness Leather Armor +2 (held by Irjan)

RP Sessions have been discontinued now that game will occur more frequently. Every 2 weeks, Sundays.

Tanner is so Awesome!
(Thanks for writing up the Adventure Log)
13 Harvester, 1468 CY

The morning after dining at the Coxcombe and meeting Lothel, the party resolved to seek out Diony based on our new friend’s information. I was a bit groggy (didn’t sleep well, perhaps the food was too rich after weeks of hard rations!), but Lilac was positively hungover. Poor thing! She stayed behind to recover. Lothel led us to a part of the market district where she had spotted Diony, a place where we had encounted Lost Ones before. As we were asking around after the elf, we discovered that someone had been looking for us, a messenger from Brindol – Alys! We resolved to find her as well, for she was probably in more danger than Diony, but Irjan decided to stay and listen for suspicious activity or Diony, who he was convinced he would always hear. Chris was worried about Lilac so she went back to the inn to check on her.

Further into the market place we asked after Alys. She had been seen being escorted by three burly men who were all too happy to help her find the Hordebane, likely members of the Lost Ones! Lothel tried to coax info out of them by associating herself with the Lost Ones, but that just made them clam up and foist money on her. I approached them afterward and reassured them, so they told me quietly, as if to hide the information from Lothel. We started off in the direction indicated, but it led us back to where we had started. I came right up to Irjan to ask how things were going, but apparently I broke his cover or something because he irritatedly asked me to go into an alleyway to talk about it. While we had been gone, some Lost Ones had apparently set up a front at a fish stand. Irjan said they were announcing sales of swordfish, and other salty-water fishes. Very odd. I failed to see the import of stopping their illicit activities (we had trouble enough stopping them from bothering Reggen, and that didn’t pan out so well, did it?).

To me, it was much more important that we find Alys, and then Diony. Unfortunately, no one else besides Irjan had met Alys, so they weren’t as concerned as I was. Even if it hadn’t been Alys, I would have tried to track down an innocent bystander! Especially one who had been put in harm’s way just by seeking us out! I would have walked right up to the fish stand, said, “I’m Tanner of the Hordebane. Your boss knows who I am. Let’s cut the crap and deal with this like civilized people.” Unfortunately, no one else in the party thought this was a good idea. They went to focus on scoping out what the Lost Ones were doing. At least Irjan, Chris, and the Professor did. I’m not sure what Lothel was doing, perhaps she had other business to attend to.

I may have been sulking in the alleyway when I heard a voice from above say, “I’d be careful if I were you.” I was alarmed, concerned that one of the Lost Ones had gotten the drop on me, but no, it was a very heavily armed elf with an eye patch. I think I saw him before when we were fighting the orcs. Name was Thorn. After my initial shock wore off, he told me that the members of the Hordebane had bounties on our heads equal to 1000 gold a piece. (I’m not sure if this includes the newest members of the group or not.) He also said that the Lost Ones weren’t likely to be gentle when they caught up with us, they had reason enough already to want us dead.

New threat, new panic. I went to find the others and inform them to be wary, but they had already disappeared. I set off in the direction of the inn to warn Lilac, but Hoffmeisteri blew over in the form of a swarm of flies, resumed gnome-shape, and let me know that the others had followed a cart of illicit goods, most definitely not fish. I followed the gnome and came upon Irjan underneath an upset cart, accusing the wheelbarrower of not paying attention to where he was putting the cart. I helped Irjan up and defused the situation, leading Irjan away. In a matter of moments, we were following the cart at a distance with Chris, who had been following Irjan too. I told them about the terrible danger we were all in, but Chris and Professor Hoffmeisteri believe that they are exempt since they don’t feel like they’re tied to the Hordebane, but they have been seen around us and received payment from the Ironfell clan… so I think they’re still in danger. They were still very focused on finding out what the no-good Lost Ones were up to with their clanging boxes of “fish.” Sighing, I followed.

The barrowman ended his trek at a warehouse. The doors were still open as the shipment was checked in, and the professor snuck into the building using his gnomish invisibility and pried the box open, then quickly becoming spiders or something to inspect the contents. Later he told us they were weapons with the black arrow sigil, but first he realized he was trapped inside the building. He had moved underneath the cart again and was preparing to escape when one of the thugs noticed that the box had been tampered with and they shut the building up tight, supposedly to search for intruders. He was finally able to escape by squeezing under the door, and we all ran away, heading back for the inn to check on Lilac.

Lilac was fine, but shaken. Lothel showed up and let us know that she had found a clue in the marketplace that might indicate the route that Alys had been taken in. Something about birdseed. Lilac still elected to stay behind for now, but we went to check out the clue. The tussle that broke the crate could have been caused by anything, I suppose, but we did find a muddy dirty boot print. Irjan was positive that it was from the Nine Bells district, the holy district known for the filth of the urchins on the streets.

So we headed over to Nine Bells. Irjan conferred with the beggars on the streets, who eagerly pointed him to a child who had seen Alys. The kid guided us to the abandoned temple to Pelor. We checked out the half-sun shaped building but only saw entry in through the rotten front door. I saw nothing for it but to kick down the door and announce ourselves, and this time the others agreed with me. Down went the doors with in a shower of splinters, and in the dim light inside we saw a woman with dark hair tied to a chair under a hole in the roof. Alys was bound, blindfolded, and gagged, and there was evidence of cuts and bruising. Seeing no one else, I immediately rushed over to her and as soon as I had removed her gag she shouted, “It’s a trap!” Sure enough, some Lost Ones sprang from behind the arras at the front of the room with some ravening dogs. I summoned my mage hand to undo the knots more quickly, then told her to run. Gods bless the messenger woman, she could be fleet on her feet, even injured! She shot out the door past Irjan and the banner he had planted. Just in time too it turned out, because I was grabbed by one of the Lost Ones and dragged behind the arras. As I struggled in his grasp, I could see my friends being singled out this way as well.

Once I was alone with him, though, I stood and my face darkened. I let my anger flow through me as I told him, “I’m Tanner of the Hordebane. But you knew that already. What you don’t know is the trouble you’re in now.” I saw him blanch a little at my expression, but he shook it off. I was able to stab him and use my bladespell to interfere with the dogs who were attacking Irjan. I was getting pretty injured myself by this point and I contemplated taking a moment to rejuvenate myself, but didn’t want to give my opponent the upper hand. I could also sense that my allies were all locked in troublesome contests, so I began weaving my bladesong and pushed myself twice as hard, jabbing my opponent twice so I could pull one man away from Lothel and to set one of the dogs on fire. What I wasn’t expecting was for the doors on the rays of the sun to open and for a few more Lost Ones to emerge. I felt a tear in my side and the world went dark.

I think I was only out for a moment. Chris was standing over me, pulling me to the feet and commanding me to Get Up. Together we finished off the opponent before us, and I heard one or two of the others go down. Irjan and Lothel both made their way over toward us, and we paused for a moment to regroup.
To be continued…

Death Toll

A few Lost One kidnappers were incapacitated or killed on this day. Reggen’s fate is still unknown.

New Acquisitions
  • Each Player receives 350 XP (Total: 13350)
  • Lothel has obtained a ledger that she hasn’t gotten to read just yet.

RP Sessions have been discontinued now that game will occur more frequently. Every 2 weeks, Sundays.

The Not-So-Victorious Return
12 Harvester, 1468 CY

The Hordebane (and followers) returned to Overlook and spoke with Bram Ironfell.
The group investigated the empty Mountain Hearth Inn, and sought answers at Morgoff’s, a new tavern/inn across the street.
Hoffmeisteri purchased gnomewear.
The Hordebane plans to seek an audience with the Council of Elders regarding the rift in the Karak Lode.

Death Toll

Reggen has disappeared from Overlook, but as far as you know she is not dead.

New Acquisitions
  • 260 XP to all players (Total: 13000) – Everyone is now LEVEL 8
  • 500 gp from selling the dwarven marble chess set (already split by the party)

RP Sessions

Transcripts of important interactions from the RP sessions will be posted here:
In the Spirit of Coxcombs
Data MINE-ing

the real bitch-queen afterall...
Excerpt from Chris’s Encoded Letter to Lilianna

So instead of getting out of this damn place after the ceiling collapses these geniuses think it’s a great idea to go back in. How they decide to do things never makes any sense. Seriously! For example, they listen to this blind idiot’s advice on the best way to climb up this rubble that has blocked everything because of the stupid quake that collapsed the ceiling. Blindy one actually comes up with some path on which rocks to use so that we can anchor a rope for everyone else to use to climb. Of course they expect me to go first because I’m expendable and they don’t know if this plan will work. But, when it’s you against a group, sometimes you do what you have to. I climb up and secure the pitons and have to help the nice one before she falls while trying to secure this rope to make this ridiculous climb easier for everyone else. We have to scuttle, yes, that says scuttle, across this valley. I tried to jump it, let’s just say that didn’t end pretty.

As we continue to go deeper into this place, the energy is palpable. There’s glowing red light and around one turn is two red skinned demons in front of a pile of dwarven skulls. To make matters worse there is this serpent like creature with a humanoid face and it’s actually coiled up around this pile of skulls. There is this huge deep chasm in the middle of the room glowing red.

The nice one lays down this springboard so that we can cross over the chasm. She tells about the types of creatures these things are. Snake-bitch attacks Taily, Blindy, and Nicey with this round of thunder which is surprisingly painful from their reactions. Out of the thunderpan and into the fire, I use the springboard to propel across the chasm and attack one of the trident-demons. I bring it to the ground as I jump the chasm and knock it prone.
To make things worse, a lava creature climbs out of the chasm. Lavaman creates this cyclone of fire damage by running in a circle encompassing the rest of them. The stupid demon impaled me with his trident because I was distracted by firecircle and the other demon shoots poison breath on Buggy. The nice one heals me a bit cuz the trident hurts more than I would like to admit. So obviously, not thrilled with this demon who got a little too happy with his trident, I push it back into Lavaman and it slows them down just for a bit.

Fighting continues for minutes before anyone comes to the other side of the chasm to help me out. They tend to just stay in their little group and just leave me alone hoping I’ll do most of the work for them. Except the nice one, she doesn’t want me to die so heals me from time to time. I wrench the trident from the demon and knock it into the chasm as it tries to avoid my attack. Then it disappears. Taily sees this and explains to all of us that there is a portal to the elemental chaos.

Blindy teleports over the chasm which draws snake-bitch’s attention and she attacks, him, me and Taily. Lucky for us, Lavaman also gets hit. Blindy gets all shiny, I still don’t know what that’s about, and I try to gather up all my reserves. More fighting and bug swarm pounces on snake-bitch in wasp form shaped like a dove. (yes I did tell you that they were geniuses right?)

Trident-demon says something to snake-bitch before jumping into the chasm. Seemingly like this was the real bitch-queen afterall. Nicey finally joins the party on this side of the chasm and attacks snake-bitch. Let me tell you how bad her breath was (or really, you don’t want to know). I grapple snake-bitch and Nicey mounts the skull pile. Snake-bitch slashes at Blindy with her tail, proving that he gives a bad first impression on everyone. Buggy must not have had breakfast because he winds up devouring snake-bitch.

We rummage around the area to figure out as much as we can before we leave. We’ve already realized that there is nothing we can do to actually close the portal in the chasm. The wealth that we had been sent to find was being shipped out through this portal by some group that we weren’t able to identify. It seems like queen snake-bitch didn’t even know who she was working for. Buggy collapses the ceiling on purpose this time as this is the only way that we can stall beings coming through the portal.


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