Scales of War

That Bitch Came Back

And the Hordebane survived!

13 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • That Bitch returned and helped the Hordebane regroup.
  • Chris killed a lot of the bad guys.
  • Irjan shot Diony to death.
  • Lothel was dragged outside by a kidnapper and incapacitated, but Alys followed and smashed the Lost One over the head and brought her back.
  • The Hordebane interrogated one of the Lost Ones, and learned that the doppelgangers weren’t with them—they’re not sure how they got there.
  • Alys delivered her message. Sertanian sent her to find the Hordebane, and specifically many of the group by name—even though he couldn’t have known all of them. He seemed puzzled by this himself.
  • Upon returning to Morgoff’s, they find that Lilac’s hangover is still pretty bad, but That Bitch is able to help…in exchange for giving L some “vacation time” to take care of his daughter “Wilhelmina.”
  • The group has resolved to tie up some loose ends: figure out what is going on with Diony; track down what became of Reggen; and then head off to Brindol and see what Sertanian needs in such a hurry.

Death Toll

Three doppelgangers were killed, including the one that looked like Diony, and another that Samarita (one of the Lost Ones) initially believed to be Whisper—apparently the leader of the Lost Ones. Reggen’s fate is still unknown.

New Acquisitions
  • Each Player receives 610 XP (Total: 13960)
  • That Bitch is BACK!!
  • Battle Harness Leather Armor +2 (held by Irjan)

RP Sessions have been discontinued now that game will occur more frequently. Every 2 weeks, Sundays.



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