Scales of War

Loose Ends and Loose Beginnings

At last, news of Reggen and Diony, and a new quest!

13 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • While others prepared for travel to Brindol, Irjan spoke to a drunk with a monkey and discovered a location of interest in the search for Reggen.
  • The Hordebane checked out a boarded up cellar and discovered Reggen’s hiding place. Apparently she is working with Diony, and he is helping to hide her.
  • The Hordebane (Tanner or Lilac) received a sending stone directly linking them to Reggen.
14 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • The Hordebane departs from Overlook for Brindol, escorting Alys.
17 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • The Hordebane is stopped by a patrol of soldiers near Drellin’s Ferry, and asked if they have seen any evidence of gnolls in their travels.
  • The patrol leader is Zoram Splintershield, he warns the party to be wary.
21 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • The Hordebane arrives in Brindol late at night.
  • Thurann and his father Kartenix invite the Hordebane over for dinner, and they offer them comfortable rooms to sleep in after a long week on the road.
  • Kartenix also warns of danger to the north.
  • Thurann is very excited to hear all of Tanner’s stories.
22 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • The Hordebane meets with Sertanian.
  • Sertanian reveals a talking sword, Amyria, asked for them by name and she offers the Hordebane with a quest to fight gnolls at an old githzerai fortress known as Fortress Graystone and perform a ritual that will restore her to her true form.
  • Bounty hunters attack the Hordebane, do severe damage to priceless artifacts, and get the whole of Elsir Vale made at the Hordebane for recklessly endangering townspeople.
  • Thorn appeared, rushing in to help put out the fire then sees that it is already well in hand. He is surprised to see the Hordebane in Brindol, but he also says “I warned you something like this could happen.”
  • The Hordebane sets off for Fortress Graystone, unable to procure lodging in Brindol after the fire.

Death Toll

Three of the five bounty hunters that attacked the Hordebane were killed. Fortunately, the townspeople of Brindol accepted Sertanian’s assertion that they were defending themselves. A huge blow was struck to the Hordebane’s reputation.

New Acquisitions
  • Each Player receives 590 XP (Total: 14520)
  • Irjan is carrying Amyria, the talking greatsword.

RP Sessions have been discontinued now that game will occur more frequently. Every 2 weeks on Sundays.



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