Scales of War

Behind the Stone Doors

...pick a portal...

25 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • The Hordebane entered Fortress Graystone into the first line of defense: the Githzerai Mind Trap.
  • Some gnolls were there struggling with the portals. They were armed with shadow-steel greatswords and barbed whips, not the most iconic gnoll weapons.
  • The party had the upper hand, and then everyone’s luck changed. Soon everyone but Irjan was unconscious on the floor.
  • Irjan disappeared, and used his invisibility to sneak around and help revive everyone.
  • The Hordebane survived (barely), but their banner was ripped to shreds.

Death Toll

4 gnolls were killed, and nearly everyone in the party tasted death as well.

New Acquisitions
  • Each player receives 438 XP (Total: 15757)!
  • Lots of cuts and bruises.

RP Sessions have been discontinued now that game will occur more frequently. Every 2 weeks on Sundays.



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