Scales of War

Gnolls with Shadow-Forged Weapons

...and a mercenary's betrayal

25 Harvester, 1468 CY
  • The Hordebane decided not to explore the room jammed shut with a broken spear just yet.
  • Instead they returned to the hallway and turned right, away from the stairs that descended to unknown depths.
  • Chris was the one to hear growling voices behind them. She alerted Lilac who tried to silently circle the party and wave frantically at them to stop for a moment.
  • A door at the end of the hall blocked their path, locked, and Lilac sealed it further with a Nail of Sealing. Then the Hordebane turned to see if they were being followed.
  • Irjan quietly descended the stairs to scout ahead. They decided on a frontal assault to have surprise.
  • It seems the gnolls were forewarned and prepared. They fought back fiercely in the confined, torch-lit space. The Hordebane prevailed, but they all knew they would need to find a safe place to rest very soon.
  • Nearly everyone helped Irjan collect his arrows, but Tanner listened instead, to see if the sounds of their scuffle had alerted anyone else to their presence. He was the first to see a familiar, one-eyed elf trying to approach quietly, a net in one hand, bristling with weapons, and commanding his hounds and falcons to attack! Gilgathorn, the mercenary who had warned them of the bounty on their heads, had chosen this precise moment to ambush them.
  • Tanner knocked Thorn unconscious, Lothel attempted to impersonate him, and they defeated the other animals. Thorn was tied up for interrogation, and stripped of his weapons.
  • The ancient but ornate metal doors in this area opened up into tiny rooms being used to house prisoners: a wealthy landowner from Red Rock, a curate from a church of Pelor int he Giantshield Mountains, and a retired sage from the Marsh Forest.

Death Toll

5 more gnolls were killed, Thorn was defeated, and his two trained hounds were also killed. The falcons flew away, never to be seen again.

New Acquisitions
  • Each player receives 817 XP (Total: 16838)! Everyone is now Level 9!
  • Irjan showed interest in one of the gnolls’ shadow-forged short sword.
  • Lilac took Thorn’s weapons, including a Challenge-Seeking Crossbow +3 and 4 Pepper Bombs (treat as single-target Blinding Bombs).
  • It became clear that Bahamut’s Protective Ward (level 8) was bestowed upon Chris.

RP Sessions have been discontinued now that game will occur more frequently. Every 2 weeks on Sundays.



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