Brindol's courior extraordinaire


Though young, Alys is clearly a woman who can look out for herself.

Alys helped organize the citizens of Brindol to put the fire out in the aftermath of the goblin attacks. She also ran out to the outskirts to warn the farmers of the goblin attacks coming from the north. (12 Reaping, 1468 CY)

Alys was sent to find the individuals who fought valiantly in defense of the city to deliver a message for Eofrram Troyas. She made the mistake of stopping at Tanner’s home first, and the tiefling discovered she has little patience for layabouts who aren’t out of bed by the eighth bell. (13 Reaping, 1468 CY)

Alys ran to fetch carts for the party, and then ran to let Councilman Troyas know that the adventurers had returned with good news (17 Reaping, 1468 CY)

Alys is kidnapped by Lost Ones when she brings a desperate message to the Hordebane in Overlook. The Hordebane finds her being held as bait for a trap in an abandoned temple of Pelor. Tanner unties her and, though injured, she’s able to get away while the Hordebane battles the Lost Ones (13 Harvester, 1468 CY)

Alys saved Lothel from being beaten in an alley during their battle to free her (13 Harvester, 1468 CY)

Alys parts ways with the Hordebane upon their return to Brindol (21 Harvester, 1468 CY)


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