Durkik Forgeheart

High Priest of Moradin in Overlook


Forgeheart is the most powerful religious figure in Overlook as the high priest of the Stone Anvil—a majestic cathedral to Moradin located in the center of Overlook. He has run the church for over 30 years.

He was tasked with the responsibility of leading the adventurers (along with the militia) in defense of Bordrin’s Watch (24 Reaping, 1468 CY)

He took a full report from the Hordebane and Kalad regarding their recent activities, including the deaths at the monastery, the Farstriders’ demise, and the sealing of the Nexus beneath Bordrin’s Watch. This marks a major turn in the siege on Bordrin’s Watch (27 Reaping, 1468 CY)

He has been informed by Elder Cadrick to keep the militia and soldiers of Bordrin’s Watch at a high state of readiness in light of the Hordebane’s news of imminent threats (17 Goodmonth, 1468 CY)

Durkik Forgeheart

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