Fawma Bruth

An aging priestess, retired to the wilderness


In her youth, Fawma led many followers of Melora. Dunesend was the perfect place for her to retire, a place where the cities and empires would not follow, but also a place where Melora’s will was ever-present. Fawma now attends Melora’s shrine which is kept within the old dwarf tower.

Fawma helped to heal the heroes of the Hordebane with Healing Word as they stood against the Warden (23 Goodmonth, 1468 CY)

Fawma graciously allowed the Hordebane to stay the night in the old dwarf tower after they helped to clean up the mess left by the townspeople. She was saddened to hear that her nephew met his end at the hands of Queen Shephatiah (the dryad one), but glad to have confirmation of her suspicions. The Hordebane returned to her the symbol of Melora that he had worn (1 Harvester, 1468 CY)

Fawma Bruth

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