Jack the Donkey

A stubborn donkey is an invaluable asset


Slightly singed from the goblin raids, That Bitch and Jack immediately bonded over their similar experiences with fire. Despite his reputation for being incredibly stubborn, Skien and That Bitch have encouraged Jack to be surprisingly compliant.

Fires set by the goblins in Brindol burned off some of Jack’s coat (12 Reaping, 1468 CY)

Jack was purchased by Skien, and given to That Bitch to ride to Overlook so the dwarf wouldn’t slow the Hordebane down (19 Reaping, 1468 CY)

Jack traveled most everywhere in the company of That Bitch, and they shared many a cozy night in the stables. When the Hordebane ventured into the Thornwaste, Jack was stabled in Ronzen for his own protection. This made Jack very sad, stubborn, and dejected (22 Goodmonth, 1468 CY)

Jack takes a strong liking to Chris Bagwell, and begins shadowing her very closely from now on… (4 Harvester, 1468 CY)

Jack the Donkey

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