Pavel Hornraven

Curate at the Church of Pelor in the Giantshield Mountains


A loud-voiced curate with the Church of Pelor at the foot of the Giantshield Mountains. He bears many freshly-healed, grisly scars on his face, and is missing fingers on his left hand.

Pavel was among the rescued prisoners at Fortress Graystone. He was grateful that Pelor had sent help to release him, as his daily attempts at escape had been met with more and more harsh physical punishments. Though Pelor would heal many of his scars, his fingers were gone forever. Other than a fiery admonishment to Barfonameul Sparklepants where he threatened to poke out the dwarf’s eyes, Pavel was more than happy to lead the other rescued prisoners to his church before having them escorted to their homes near and around Red Rock (25 Harvester, 1468 CY)

Pavel Hornraven

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