A mercenary magnate with a considerable operation in Umbraforge.


Sarshan is unforgiving—even for a shadar-kai—and those who cross him eventually turn up with a bad case of death. He has the wealth and mercenaries to track and kill those who betray him to the far reaches of any plane. His operations are responsible for a bustling slave trade, foul experiments that create aberrant soldiers and other wretched beings, and his weapons have all been stamped with a black arrow symbol.

Though the Hordebane did not yet know him, Sarshan encountered them at the Happy Beggar saying he knew of Modra, and he recommended that they kill Modra as soon as they get the chance. The mysterious informant disappeared down a filth-strewn alley and the party could not follow (6 Goodmonth, 1468 CY)

The Hordebane infiltrated Sarshan’s tower out of necessity more than desire, and met Sarshan himself face to face. Because the group killed Modra, Sarshan felt somewhat indebted to the Hordebane—but not enough to forgive their trespasses. He gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse: to join him. He had limited details on what was to come, but stated that their world would soon be destroyed and he was in prime position to take advantage of the opportunities that afforded. The group agreed long enough to wait for a distraction, at which point they made their escape. The last they saw of Sarshan’s domain in Umbraforge, it was crumbling in the wake of explosions from the foundry, the slaves escaping their pens, and the mercenaries pulling back in confusion from the destruction (9 Goodmonth, 1468 CY)


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