Dignified, retired soldier wearing a monacle.


Sertanian is able to identify all of the treasures from the Hall of Great Valor on sight.

Kidnapped from the Hall of Great Valor during the goblin attacks. (12 Reaping, 1468 CY)

He overheard goblins talking in common that they were going to eat Mirtala near a cold room. (Unknown)

Found in a jail cell in the Von Urstadt Crypt. He had tried to break the bars of his cell, but was unable to. The party outfitted him with a hobgoblin’s scale armor, shield, and longsword so that he has a little more protection. He also has a hand crossbow. The armor fits a little loosely on him, but he is too dignified to complain—after all, this was what it was like back in the war with the Red Hand. Complaining never does any good when you’re fighting to take down the very essence of evil itself! (14 Reaping, 1468 CY)

Sertanian began carrying a lantern from the Rivenroar Family Crypt, and he showed a blood-thirsty side when it comes to goblins. He is glad that the group managed to find Mirtala so soon. (15 Reaping, 1468 CY)

Sertanian identified artifacts for the party, assuring that the found all that were stolen (16 Reaping, 1468 CY)

Returned to Brindol, heading for the caretaker’s house on the grounds of the Hall of Great Valor. Most of the damage had been to the museum itself, and he appreciated sleeping in his own bed once again before tackling all the work he had ahead of him (17 Reaping, 1468 CY)

Accepted the donation of a stained, green battle standard from some of the allied goblin tribes defeated by the Hordebane at Rivenroar. He thanked Skien from the bottom of his heart and promised to make an exhibit of it when the museum was fully repaired once again (18 Reaping, 1468 CY)

Spoke with Tanner’s uncle (Doo’gras), a consulting historian, about working at the Hall of Great Valor for a time (18 Reaping, 1468 CY)

Sertanian heard something very strange. One of the artifacts in the Hall of Great Valor spoke to him, and summoned champions—by name! The only names he recognized were Tanner, Irjan, and That Bitch…so he quickly send Alys to Overlook, the last known location of the Hordebane (6 Harvester, 1468 CY)

Sertanian met with the Hordebane and showed them the speaking sword (22 Harvester, 1468 CY)

Sertanian asserted that the Hordebane had defended themselves, they were not solely to blame for the damage to the Hall. However, his voice did not sway the citizens from Brindol for believing that the Hordebane had unnecessarily put them all in danger (22 Harvester, 1468 CY)


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