Between Session "Rules"

Just as Tanner wrote up the rules of incorporation for the Horde Bane, I’ve written up the results of our meeting tonight regarding out-of-session roleplaying obligation. Here’s what we as players came up with together:

Role-playing is important. Since this is a once-a-month game, we owe it to each other to try to keep the game fresh and our characters real by meeting between games to be in-character.

Role-playing hang-out sessions (online):
We will have two in-character hangout chats between games. Players are expected to attend at least one. The first one will be a fixed date after game, the other will be flexible to allow those who may have missed the first one to attend. There will be a benefit for attending more than one, and a punishment for missing both.


  • First RP will be the 2nd Monday after game.
  • Second RP will be one night in the week before next game (this can be arranged by a poll in the Facebook group “ask a question”).
  • If game is more than a month away, we’ll hold an RP session roughly every two weeks. If game is less than a month away (like two weeks away due to scheduling), there will be 1 flexible RP session scheduled to fit maximum participants, and more leniency if you can’t make it.


  • If you make both sessions: You rule! You get to declare one hit/skill check as an auto-hit/auto-success!
  • If you attend one session: You are normal. Thanks for being there, but nothing else happens.
  • If you miss both sessions: Uh-oh. One time during the next game, the GM gets to declare that you automatically miss/fail one roll.

Adventure Log:
Also, we have agreed to take turns writing up the Adventure Log. the GM will continue to post an outline of what happened in game, along with XP, treasure, and the death toll, but it’s our turn to fill in the details. We’re doing this as a service to each other, as an easy way to remember what happened last session.

  • Cycle/schedule: we will roll to determine the order we’re going in. We might reroll when everyone’s done one, or just keep the same schedule.
  • Fill in the details of what happened during game.
  • If you can’t do the adventure log for some reason, please let everyone know in the FB group 2 weeks before the next game so someone else can volunteer to do the Adventure Log.

Current Adventure Log Cycle/Schedule:

  • Tanner
  • Hoffmeisteri
  • Lilac
  • Chris
  • Irjan

We also discussed consequences. If:

  • you do not attend any RP sessions for two games in a row
  • you are doing the bare minimum for the Adventure Logs and not really towing your weight
    there will be consequences, mostly up to the GM’s discretion. This is up to and including expulsion from the game.

We’re doing this to have fun with each other, but since there are so many of us, we felt like it was a good idea to formalize some rules so we can maximize fun-time together. Thank you so much everyone for participating!

Between Session "Rules"

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