Brindol City Council

Brindol has a council of 13, two-thirds of whom are hereditary landlords and the remainder of whom are guildmasters from the city’s important trade guilds. Lord Aaron Jarmaan is the public face of the council.

Typically, guild-associated councilmembers are elected yearly on the 3rd of Ready’reat by common vote from the franchise of land-owning individuals with property in Brindol or the surrounding areas. The term is for 2 years, and 2 position are up for reelection each year. The remainder of councilmembers are appointed to 2 year terms by Lord Jarmaan under the advisement of the noble houses. Councilmembers may be dismissed from service through formal impeachment processes, which has not happened since the war over 40 years ago.

The Council meets on every Moonday and Freeday to discuss matters pertaining to the well-being of Brindol and its people. This includes distributing/allotting city funds, addressing crises, creating and enforcing laws, and planning city-wide events or responses to events.

Current Councilmembers:
Name and Title Race and Class End of Term
Lord Aaron Jarmaan human noble -
Lord Warden Harrik Orenna human noble 1468 CY
Lord Eofrram Troyas half-elf merchant 1469 CY
Lord Noel Prasad halfling merchant 1468 CY
Lord Eshan Jarmaan human noble 1469 CY
Lord Damon Gunter dwarf noble 1468 CY
Lady Ariane Sanja tiefling merchant 1469 CY
Lady Natalia Isidoro human noble 1469 CY
Lady Maribel Kabiri human noble 1468 CY
Lord Orfal Ironfell dwarf merchant 1468 CY
Lord Josef Kaal human noble 1468 CY
Lady Amilea Haskin human noble 1469 CY
Lord Epaolo Windthrup-Vineson half-elf noble 1469 CY

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Brindol City Council

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