Castle Rivenroar

Tanner remembered:

The castle itself and its catacombs housed the Rivenroar family (living and deceased) long ago—it was probably built around 1000 CY. Some other families may have been interred there as well: Von Urstadt, Von Jallach, and Von Adrez-Kauthin. While the Von Jallach and Von Adrez-Kauthin are probably not related by blood, the Von Urstadt did marry into the Rivenroar line. The castle was mysteriously destroyed about 200 years ago, and all that remains are the catacombs under the ruins.

Skein remembered:

The Castle Rivenroar was built by Lord Garthusk Rivenroar, paladin of The Raven Queen and scion of the Rivenroar family. The entire family was dedicated to the worship of The Raven Queen as were all of their servants, retainers and Garthusk’s loyal guardsmen. No one knows exactly how the family came to devote themselves to The Raven Queen or why so many members of the family seemed to be granted gifts in her service (more than two-thirds of the Rivenroars over the course of four generations were paladins, avengers, invokers and clerics of The Raven Queen—some of them grew quite powerful).

For many years, the Rivenroars and their servants served as the administrators and executors of all funereal rites and customs for all of Rhestilor. All of the Raven Queen’s priests and servants answered to Garthusk Rivenroar and his successors in Rivenroar Castle. Of the various fees collected by The Raven Queen’s priests for their services, a small percentage went to the Rivenroars who used the funds to support the construction of new temples throughout Rhestilor and the establishment of consecrated burial grounds across the region.

Essentially, Skein knows of the Rivenroars as huge supporters of the Raven Queen who did a lot to spread her worship throughout Rhestilor before that kingdom fell.

After Castle Rivenroar was destroyed, the servants of The Raven Queen’s temples who went to investigate the scene report that the area felt unnaturally cold and that an aura of death hung around the ruins. No survivors were found and neither were any corpses. The priests and other followers of The Raven Queen no longer answer to a single authority in the region and more or less administer themselves. Many especially avoid the ruins in the belief that the Rivenroar family was punished by The Raven Queen herself for some unspecified affront.

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Castle Rivenroar

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