Diony - Session 9

It has been awhile since I’ve noted anything in this journal of mine. These past several days have been much a blur, and I’ve had little time to collect my thoughts, let alone put them into writing.

We’ve taken up the cause of helping to push back the gathering orc threat. On our way to Nimon Gap to cut off the orcs, I took it upon myself to attempt to cleanse Grymm a bit by launching him into a nearby creek. It was a bad idea. He became quite enraged and I was unable to slip away from him before he got the chance to beat me to within inches of my life. A chance which he took. Luckily the others were nearby, and ready to perform some serious healing.

We arrived and were beset upon by waves of orcs and drakes. In one encounter, I was able to pick off numerous foes one after the next, as if by clockwork, and in another, seemingly less threatening situation, I nearly had my throat ripped out by a tiny drake. Skein somehow managed to befriend a different drake. Naturally, I do not like this. Something may need to be done.

Then, another, in a seemingly unending series of oddities, we happened across a half-orc, who seems quite keen on attenuating the less-“half” of her race. Strange. I do not trust her, but feel that she has been genuine so far. I’ll keep an eye, but she has served the cause well so far.

And that is the short of it for now.


Diony - Session 9

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