The Freeriders formed up 6 months ago (Fireseek, 1468 CY) in Elsir’s Crossing. They left the small community and headed east, where they dealt with a foul cabal of cultists in an isolated town called Beacon. After, they returned to Brindol and Talar for some downtime and learned of the impending threat. They went west to do their part in defending their homeland a week before the goblins attacked Brindol and raided the Hall of Great Valor.

The Freeriders’ leader is a sword-thin young woman with short blond hair and a vicious scar the runs down her left cheek from her forehead. She hails from Talar, and the Green Dragon Inn in that town is always telling tales about the Freeriders’ accomplishments.
Megan swiftblade

A stout dwarf with auburn hair streaked with gray and a thick beard he wears in braids bears the holy symbol of Moradin. Though he may not be the Freerider’s leader, he often speaks for the party.
Ragnum dourstone

A whip-thin elf with long hair and angular features reminiscent of a fox is the ranger in the party, and he sticks close with those he’s come to view as his family.
Sylen leafrunner

A short and pudgy human woman with a round face full of freckles framed by shoulder-length blond hair seems at odds with the long slender fingers on her hands. She wields a black staff with silver ferrules at either end.
Ghena tenson

A short, pale gnome is almost always seen with a clever-looking raccoon.
Madrick and bandit


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