Grymm - Session 2

Instead of finding Hobgoblins in the cave there were fellow adventurers. It would probably have been better to stay away. I could be dangerous to them. But they are also looking for these Hobgoblins. If they can help me find Ireini it is worth any price.

There were great trackers amongst them and we were able to follow the trail. The beast-man said this was a temple to someone called “The Raven Queen”. I have never heard of such a woman. Ireini would know, she was privy to all such holy matters. THe place was a ruin, but full of those goblin bastards.

We managed to find a man from the town my compatriots were looking for. But also creatured of utmost ferocity and terror. I have never seen their like before and never wish to again. Even being near one, it was like it was touching my with icy fingers. I raged, the world dissapeared. All I could see was you Ireini. And then red.

I awoke, out foes vanquished. The beast-man and others were injured like me. We were lucky…and we’ve only just begun.

Grymm - Session 2

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