Grymm - Session 9

Dwarves are amazing creatures. This place is hard to believe. They are a mighty people. Then again ThatBitch is one of them, and a stalwart and battle hearty fellow. I have a kinship with these people. They are warriors of heart as I am Ireini.

These people didn’t have a chance. There is no point in their deaths. The smell of blood and carnage is overwhelming and yet so familiar.

Since getting some memories back it’s becoming clearer how much is missing sister. Now I notice it more, when I fade away…

This “L” is quite a welcome presence. Her powers are great.

Those books with the squigly lines. They remind of ones you had. Hmmmm. Where is this road you put me on leading me Ireini? I feel so far from the sight of Uthgar. I have abandoned you…

There are so many bodies. The dwarf is in shock. I can’t blame him. There is nothing I can say.

These foul hordes keep arriving parading to their deaths at our hands. But what does it all mean?

Grymm - Session 9

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