Lost Ones

A powerful Thieves’ Guild located in Overlook’s Tradetown district. Among other things, they run protection rackets on shop owners and have an extensive spy network. The group shows a lot more muscle than a typical thieves’ guild, and they use that strong arm to shake down their victims. Sometimes they take payment to shake down someone for someone else.

In particular, they have been harassing Reggen of the Mountain’s Hearth because she refuses to pay their protection money. The Hordebane, having run afoul of the Lost Ones and stood by Reggen, sometimes find it difficult to locate merchants willing to risk dealing with them.

Known Members:

  • Malik – seems to be in charge of collecting Protection Money
  • halfling (unknown name) – sometimes goes around with Malik, but definitely isn’t just a mook
  • Dresnik – mage who escaped the alley ambush

Lost Ones

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