RP Session 29-1

In the Spirit of Coxcomb’s

The next day, the Hordebane manages to get an audience with Elder Cadrick, the youngest and most overworked member of the Council. You remember that he is the one who rallied the adventurers to battle against the orcs and Bordrin’s Watch.

Really, it seems that he does most of the work for the Council.

He is most concerned with what would make you assume that the Black Arrow was connected to this problem in the first place. That is where much of the conversation takes place, but he is very glad to understand that—in the end—all will be well thanks to the Hordebane’s efforts.

Leaving an open rift to the elemental chaos seems worth mentioning, Irjan would bring that up with the others before speaking about it.

Elder Cadrick makes a note to have one of the mages Send to a mage’s college on the other side of the Vale to look into the problem of the portal.

Ultimately, after about 20 minutes, you are released back into the city of Overlook as the central district is about the close and the sun is beginning to set. It’s a good time for dinner.

The place across the street from Reggen’s seems to Irjan as good as any.
(chris wants to disagree with Irjan just for the sake of disagreeing with him, but can’t think of anything else)

Lilac puts her hands on her hips, “You know Hordebane, we just got back from the desert! Let’s eat some place decent. I haven’t had a good bite to eat since Magby’s pickled thorncumber!”

(chris looks at L as if she’s sprouted a second head spontaneously)

Lilac just grins at Chris. “Come on! We ought to treat ourselves! We accomplished our job! By certain definitions of the mission parameters…” she trails off, tapping her chin and furrowing her brow.

Aside from Morgoff’s (across from where the Mountain Hearth was), fairly nearby are also Coxcomb Spirits, Dergan’s XXX Brewery, Pickled Imp, Pig and Bucket, and the Salty Mug.

Lilac volunteers Coxcomb Spirits because it sounds fanciest and she’s never been to a fancy restaurant in her whole life.

“I suppose dhere is something to dhat.” Irjan agrees with Lilac. Aside from the rare cask he picked up, things have been a string of various rotgut lately.

Tanner agrees. “I think there’s some funds in the party treasury, and if not, I’ll treat!”

Chris cocks an eyebrow at that.

“Thank you Tanner!” Lilac is really excited.

Coxcomb Spirits is an upscale restaurant nestled in the heart of the Stonehammer district. Just outside of the High Hall district where you met with Elder Cadrick, you enter Stonehammer. You are immediately surrounded by countless dwarves, all exhibiting significant wealth and power.

Lilac adjusts her posture and tries to put on her best dispassionate-because-she’s-really-really-fancy face that she’s seen nobles walking around with.

Irjan doesn’t quite know just how out of place he looks, but he can tell from the sounds things are not quite the standard patronage here.

Chris asks L if she’s feeling ok and tells her she looks kinda sick.

Tanner uses prestidigation to clean up Irjan, and spick and span the rest of the party. There’s a glimmer glinting from his teeth when he smiles.

Lilac drops her facade for a moment and asks Chris if she looks pale.

Irjan hears the sounds of a few priests bestowing a blessings on a new construction of some sort. He also can hear the scrape of weapons as guards with halberds block the entrance to an impressive tower.

She says maybe a little and tries not to giggle at Tanner.

Lilac presses the bottom of her wrist to her forehead to try and gauge her temperature. She mumbles about hoping she’s not catching a cold and at this point has pretty much forgotten about her haughty noble-orc act.

Most surprising to Irjan is that the air smells really clean here. No fetid odors of the city…though if he steps over to the side of the road—which is actually the edge of a bridge that looks down into the ‘Dark, lower levels of the towers here…faint smells of dust, sweat, and wood smoke reach his nose.
(Is Irjan high?)
You are all on bridges that span between towers here. You wouldn’t want to be on the lower levels…you’d never reach Coxcomb Spirits then.

Fresh Air. It’s something Irjan hasn’t sensed in quite some time. Smoke, cave dust, sand. He unceremoniously clears his nostrils on the street. and breathes a long, deep breath, a broad smile stretching parallel to his blindfold.

In any case, a few wealthy dwarves are being carried around by human thralls, there are many belly laughs and sounds of good cheer and good living, and the occasional hiss of a spiretop drake as it swoops down from the high towers seeking something shiny.

Lilac is absolutely dazzled.

Irjan’s snot manages to splatter one of the passing servants struggling with his burden. The dwarf notices and nods to another dwarf who is walking behind her litter: he removes that human and disappears into the crowd as another comes to take his place.

Lilac is nearly quivering with excitement. “Have you ever eaten at a place like this Tanner?” she asks the party’s brave and virtuous leader.

The maitre’d is in an extremely fancy tuxedo with a red rose pinned to his lapel. “Welcome to Coxcomb Spirits.” His enthusiasm faded slightly as he saw the group, and his smile took on a slightly fixed look. Then he glances down at a note on his blotter and practically sighs with relief.

“Ah yes, I have a table prepared. If you’ll just follow me.” He grabs menus and quickly ushers the five of you through a curtain to the side of the main dining room and up a winding stair case to a hall lined with private dining areas. The one he leads you to is on a balcony that overlooks Overlook.

Lilac’s eyes nearly twinkle with glee as she takes her seat.

“A server will be with you in just a few moments.” He looks meaningfully at the slight woman already seated there—feathers seem to be woven into her hair—and disappears quickly.

Lilac: “Thank you!”

Irjan taps his way forward, unsure of where the party is being led.

Chris is amused by Lilac’s wistfulness.

Lothel: “Hello friends”

Perhaps because the woman is so slight of build, perhaps because of the shadows on the balcony…she was practically invisible until the spoke.

Chris glances around to see if anyone recognizes this character

Lilac makes a little yip noise in surprise, having not noticed the the shadowy woman.

Irjan is unaccustomed to being addressed by that title and assumes it was directed towards others.

Lothel: “I trust you like the view? Well, except for that one there.”

Lilac catches her breath and places a hand on her chest. “Are you the waitress?”

Chris chuckles. probably more like snorts, but let’s pretend that she doesn’t
(Lilac can pretend that.)

Lilac feels that’s an awfully bold joke for fancy restaurant wait staff to be making and is a bit perplexed.

Lothel: She leans forward out of the shadows, “Come sit down and join me at the table, I think we have some things to talk about”

Lilac is suspicious! (Insight?)

The woman seems to want to have a meal with you and talk. Perhaps she has some business with you.

Lilac takes her seat and remains alert.

“It’s quite fortuitous that you seem to have been expecting us. We weren’t quite sure where we were headed until just now. You must know that we are the Hordebane. I am Tanner. And you are?”

Chris will position herself between stranger-danger and L.
(Chris is Lilac’s buddyguard. It’s like a bodyguard, but also a friend.)

“Indeed, my name is Lothel. I’ve noticed your group wanted to celebrate with a fancy dinner tonight, may I ask what the reason for celebration might be?”

Lilac’s brow furrows and she glances at Tanner. “How do we concern you, Lothel?”

“Two days out of dhe Thorne Wastes is az good a reason as any.” Irjan states, as he realizes the hordebane are the ones being addressed. he taps his way to a chair (he presumes is at the same table) and sits.

As Irjan taps his way to a chair, he realizes that the breeze on his face is due to being outside, and at great altitude. Just an arm’s reach beyond his chair is the railing of the balcony, and open air beyond. Well, relative open air. The next tower over is about 30 feet away, though all the windows are dark.

Lothel: “Oh I shouldn’t be of any concern to you, but I might have some knowledge that should. But, I don’t like discussing business before dinner, what are we having tonight?”

Lilac is scrutinizing her menu. “What’s… escargot?” she inquires, failing to leave the ‘t’ silent.
(She pronounces it ez-CAR-got")

“Oh,” Irjan replies to Lilac, “That’s dhe steep part between levels of a plateau.”
“Wait… mebbe dhat is an escarpment.”

Lilac: “No it’s on the menu”

For the amuse bouche course, Coxcomb Spirits is offering thin ham on pumpernickle bread, sausage cabbage and potato dumplings, creamy mushroom soup with vegetables, and roasted escargot with red cabbage.

Chris subtly keeps her eye on the strange woman

The waiter arrives, looking harried, to pronounce that there are two dinner specials: “Beef or calf’s liver. And what will you be drinking?”

Lilac gasps when she realizes that “escargot” are snails. That’s an orc delicacy! At least as far as orcs have delicacies. What a coincidence. She digs in with gusto.
Lilac requests the beef, and the restaurant’s sweetest wine with the least kick.

The waiter forces a smile and hurries to take orders for everyone else. “The beef, with honey wine, for the young lady.”

Tanner prefers the thin ham on pumpernickel bread and the beef, with a Denovarrian red

The waiter nods and practically snatches the menu away from Tanner as he completes his order.

Lothel smiles, “Liver for me. So Chris, are you going to read the menu or just keep pretending?”

Chris: What’s your problem?

Tanner’s mention of the Denovarrian red dredges up memories. “I’ll have a goblemt of dhe same.” Irjan adds. As you can tell, I can’t read dhe menus so well, but I can taste and smell qvites vell. I trust you vill bring me something worthy of your pride."

The waiter’s pinched expression is lost on Irjan. “I think you’ll enjoy our skunktart tonic, and the beef with the sweet raisin sauce,” he pronounces carefully.

“Currently the only problem I am having would be what type of wine I should be getting and whether my dining companions are all going to order dinner” Lothel glances at the waiter “Please just bring me a red that would suit the liver.”

Ro: (sorry i’m sure no one has said my name – so i’m pretty much asking the GM here, she just knows my name out of nowhere?)
(Yes, it seems the this woman is very knowledgeable about every person seated here at the table.)
Tanner: (I’m just assuming she knows who we are. We’re kind of a big deal.)
K: (I make an ass out of you and me!)
Ro: (not everyone is tanner of the hordebane)
(thank goodness)
E: (alternate universe where everyone is tanner of the hordebane)

Chris is actively uncomfortable, she’ll order the beef, but no wine. She’s far too edgy already.

With everyone’s orders, the waiter quickly disappears…after an uncomfortable few minutes, all the beverages arrive, including a glass of clear water and a lemon wedge for Chris.

Chris: (which she will accidentally spill in a certain direction)
E: (shes as cold as ice) (she’s ready to sacrifice… her water!)
Ro: (well for some reason everyone wants to be an ass to Chris)
Ra: ((it wasn’t Irjan for once!!))

Lilac sips her honey wine.

Lothel: “So! How was your day Lilac?”
(a glass of ice water spills toward Lothel as she is speaking…)

“Oh it was fine thank you.” Lilac forces herself out of pleasantry mode and returns, “Um, have we met?”

Lothel: “Well we have now. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Lothel shifts out of the way of the water and glances towards the door for a waiter

Chris: Oh i’m sooo sorry about that. Clumsy me!

Lilac shoots Chris a disingenuous look.

Chris looks innocent. It’s a good thing i didn’t have any wine. I must be exhausted.

“heh” Irjan chuckles with a smirk in Chris’ direction. “You’re always a bit…ham fisted…”

Chris: yeah make sure you stay away, sometimes their liable to go in any which direction, like your arrows.

Lothel: “So, I never did find out. What is the reason behind this wonderful dinner?”

There is no waiter in sight, and Lothel suspects that he will not be very attentive until he tries to usher the group out the door.

“We’re celebrating our return to Overlook after traveling abroad for several weeks. Adventuring, you know.”

“You come wanting our reasons but failing to give your own. Why ought not you come clean first, stranger?” Lilac tries to be pointed as she can be while enjoying her sweet wine.

Lilac goes to take a sip of her wine between mouthfuls and is perplexed to find she’d drained her cup already. Huh, this stuff is good. Also, why is everything so warm and fuzzy suddenly?

Lothel: “Well Lilac, I deal in information. However, information tends to take a life of its own once it leaves the lips. I like to know the people I give information to. I’m wondering how valuable it might be to your group if I knew the location of one of your missing party members.”

This catches Irjan’s ear. His arm is half raised and pauses mid bite. “Dhat requires a bit more specificity.”

The waiter returns with the main meals as the crudites are being devoured. A second honey wine is provided for Lilac. The waiter looks in dismay at the sopping table linen and does not bring a replacement glass of water…he merely provides a rough towel to place in the puddle to soak it up as well as possible.

Chris smiles a little too wide at that

Lilac is tusk deep in wine within seconds but pauses long enough to back up Irjan’s request for details.

Lothel sighs at the puddle near her chair. “Does your group tend to lose more than one party member at a time?”

“Yeah, what of it?” Lilac says defensively before sipping more alcohol.

Irjan makes an awkward grin and shrugs, nodding confirmation of the point.

Lothel: “I suppose this one had pointy ears…”

RP Session 29-1

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