RP Session 29-2

Data MINE-ing

When last we met, the group was devouring/picking at a very fine meal being served on a private balcony at the Coxcomb Spirits restaurant. Lothel, the surprise “guest” at dinner had just indicated that she knew a little something about Diony’s whereabouts.

The entrees have been served, alcoholic beverages have been refreshed, though Chris does not get another glass of water to replace the one that spilled. The waiter quickly disappears again behind the swish of the curtain.

“Pointy ears? Are you talking about Diony?” Tanner said, still befuddled by the person who was dining with the Hordebane.

Lilac swallows a mouthful of snail and sips at her pleasingly sweet alcohol. “We haven’ seen ’em shinse hic! the bird man in the deshert.”

Lothel: “Ah, yes. Sort of shady sneaky character.”

Chris looks over at stranger with a ‘pot calling the kettle’ kind of expression.

Tanner: “Have you seen him? I apparently misplaced him. Or something like that.”

Lothel: “Bird man in the desert huh? What happened there?”

“Beh,” Irjan says with a snort (was that a hint of nostalgia?) “He’s not zo sneaksie.”

Tanner: “Maybe he’s just succeeded at being so sneaky that he was here the whole time and I didn’t know it! But that would be indulging in a fantasy, I fear.”

“There wash a canary fella in the deshert and Dinonny got losht wif him.” Lilac is only on her second drink but seems to be affected quickly.

Lothel: “Perhaps he doesn’t want to be found yet, Lilac. Perhaps we could still go look for him together.”

Chris raises an eyebrow at the together comment.

“He’z lozt” Irjan remarks between bites. With a moment of contemplation, he adds, “Or stuck.”

“That would be pretty handy,” Tanner considers.

“Not likely, I mean he did have both feet last time I caught a glimpse of him. He wasn’t exactly underneath a rock either.” Lothel takes a few bites of liver and peers out the balcony view.

Irjan chuckles at the confirmation. “You saw him! I told you he vas not zo sneaksie.” He takes another bite of his meal and continues. “And vhere vas dhat?”

“Wait, you shaw him?” Lilac places her glass down quickly in a moment of surprise and it spills. She quickly tries to mop it up with her napkin.

The wine is a vibrant purple color as it seeps into Lilac’s napkin. As she tries to mop it up, some of it drips off the table into her lap.

Lothel takes a sip of her red wine and swishes it around in the glass, pausing momentarily to inhale its bouquet. “You seemed quite concerned. Are you missing his company?”

Lilac tries to pull her chair out so she can better mop at her lap, but her inebriated condition is making it difficult, and after much struggling and shuffling she resigns herself to a purple stain on her pants and continues eating her meal.

Lilac: “I mish Diononny, hesh like Iryyan with a bow but he doeshnt shoot you, only the enemish. Right Chrish?” Lilac nudges her sullen companion.

Lothel sets down her wine glass and leans forward towards Lilac. “He sounds like a great asset and a friend then. I’m sorry you seem to have parted ways. Do you know why he joined in the first place?”

Chris pats L on the shoulder gently.

Tanner: “Sure. He was a founding member of the Hordebane. We all were in Brindol and saved the town from goblins. It’s all written up in the charter.” Tanner thinks to himself that the others are lucky that there’s someone like him to look after details like that.

“Or zo I’ve been told.” Irjan adds to Tanner’s exposition.

Lothel: “Very interesting. Can I read this charter sometime? What might he have been doing before then?”

Tanner: “Perhaps. It’s currently for members only but when we’re famous enough I’m sure it will be public domain.”
K: (Apparently Tanner is a librarian now. Well, he did just gain a level in bard! multiclass)

Lothel: “Hmm. Would you mind giving me a public friendly version then? I mean with your reputation already beginning to become established, surely the public should know some general information.”

Chris: (She’s not giving away anything that isn’t OBVIOUS!!)

Lilac clears her throat and decides its time to get all business orc-like. “Lishen, mish lady, whatsh in it for YOU?”

Tanner considers. “Well, I’d have to take some time, and I suppose it would have to go to a vote from the current members…”
K: (time to draft it)

Lilac pokes Lothel and then hic-ups and removes her hand to cover her mouth. “Excush me.”

“Well, if I am to help you find Diony, I need to know the kind of team I’m working with. To be honest, I’m quite impressed with most of you.” Lothel glances at the pile of watersoaked linen on the ground.

Chris tries to stiffle a chuckle.

Lilac sighs, “But whyyy do you wanna find Dioninny?”

Just then a swarm of fireflies come up to the table and start forming a man…a short one at that.
(Professor Hoffmeisteri joins the group.)
A firm voice says “should this one really be trusted, what is the motivation?”

Lothel: “Perhaps I am a concerned citizen and Diony is dealing with a dangerous crowd. Perhaps he might also have some answers to my own questions.”

Chris: “What might some of those questions be?”

Lothel takes another sip of her wine. “In any case, I mean no harm to your group or him, but we seem to have crossed paths and the journey is easier together.”

Hoff snags a nearby waiter and asks for a chair while eyeing Lothel suspiciously

Tanner shrugs, apparently the only one who isn’t suspicious. Why shouldn’t the public want to know about a group as righteous as the Hordebane?

Chris: “I’d still like to know what some of your questions are to better get to know the person proposing to travel with us.”

“Welp, we trushted the worm man, how much worsh can it get?” Lilac pops a cooked snail into her mouth and chews.

The waiter eventually returns to speedily remove the empty entree dishes, and at Hoff’s stern glare he looks surprised then comes back with a chair. He practically runs away as he notes the tension on the balcony.

Hoff: “Humpf, I can do want more tricks than that miss. You could be eating my big toe right now and wouldn’t have a clue”

“Yesh, like collapsh a mine,” Lilac says with an impish grin.

Hoff: “A mine that needed collapsing”

Irjan hears the waiter’s hurried footsteps, calling after him. “Could ve get another loaf of dhe bread? Yes? Mebbe? Okay dhen…” Mumbles something about the service. He turns towards Hoffmeisteri. “Dhe qvestions haven’t exactly been of…zensitive information, exactly.”

The waiter’s retreating footsteps do not immediately return, sadly.

Hoff: “We know very little about this person, information must be given to be received” glares some more only to realize he’s glaring at a blind man, so he grunts

Lothel smiles, “Well, I would like to ask him about some mutual contacts of ours. I would do it myself, but his current business associates prevent me from getting too close.”

Hoff: “I see”

Lothel: “I also know that he might be involved in the whole mess your group is in. I’ve seen him in contact recently with the lady that runs that inn that Irjan spent the night in.”

Hoff: “Do you know where she went?”

Lothel shrugs and crosses her arms, " I mean if you’ll trust a worm-man…"

Lilac spits a snail out in surprise and it careens over the edge of the balcony. “He wash talking to Reagan? We hash to find Dion…. Di-non…. Dinonononoo…” Lilac loses tracks of how to pronounce their erstwhile companion’s name.

Chris looks at L concerned.

“I shudhnt drink.” Lilac sighs.

Irjan sneaks a hand toward’s L’s drink. She’s obviously had enough, and he should hang on to the rest….y’know, to keep it safe.

“I’mma lightweight.” Lilac tiredly slaps a hand down on a table and catches a fork, sling shoting it backwards over her shoulder and beyond the opposite rail. Lilac stares at her hand dejectedly.
K: (oh mans, are we going to have to carry her home?)
Ro: Chris will
K: (good, ‘cos Tanner would try to carry her home but he’s honestly not as strong as Chris, and L might be less embarrassed to have Chris carry her)

Chris swats irjans hand away

Lothel watches the snail bounce and skitter towards the edge of the balcony. “I… err- no, no I have no idea where she went. You can find him and ask him yourself. Do we have an agreement?”

Chris: (She’s in super protective mode cuz she’s worried bout L and stranger danger)
E: (Lilac thinks Chris is great FYI. Buddies).

Hoff: “No you shouldn’t drink, dulls the senses. I prefer worms, but I can change into your worst nightmare. But I think we should find this fella”

“I say yes. What say you all?” Tanner polls the group.

Hoff: “Fine”

Irjan: “I dhink her qvestions have been harmless, and it sounds as dhough dhe sneaskie elf might use our help….again… I say yes.”

Lilac: “Yesh.”

As a chorus of affirmatives and muffled grumblings come from the Hordebane, the waiter nervously pokes his head in…“Did you care for any dessert?”

Dhe bread?" Irjan turns his head, raising eyebrows above empty sockets.

“uh…” He looks at a loss for a moment, then stammers: “just a moment.” He trots down the hall and quickly returns with a basket of bread. Then he stands anxiously awaiting a response about dessert.

Tanner shrugs.

Lilac: “I wanna lie down. No deshert.”

Hoff: “How about a small bowl of jelly with crispy bread?”

Lilac is mentally connecting desserts and deserts and frankly she doesn’t want anything to do with either as a result.

Lothel: “Oh no, I’m quite full. This dinner was delicious, thank you.”

Latching onto Tanner’s response, the waiter quickly plunks a white box the size of a stack of dinner plates on the table. “We took the liberty of preparing you a fabulous cake! On the house. Here is your bill, please settle your tab on the way out.” After taking care of other small requests, he sprints off and is not heard from again.

Tanner lifts the lid of the box.

Irjan pulls a piece out of the basket of bread and gestures towards the box. “Now DHAT is suspicious…”

It is a beautiful cake with rose decorations on top and swirling colors of frosting. On top it reads “shyllvynne mnallhevii!” (Elven)

Hoff: Humph, anyone know elven?
S: (Hoff doesn’t even really know his name)

Ro: (Cant i read that?)
K: (gnomes know elven)

(It says Happy Birthday!)

Chris: Whose birthday? She looks at stranger danger.
K: (we were celebrating something, perhaps they assumed birthday. or it’s just fashionable)
Ro: (I figure if anyone knows whose birthday it is, it will be her)

Lothel shrugs again.

In any case, the bill comes to a total of 14 gold apiece, with an additional 2 gold per non-water drink imbibed/spilled.

RP Session 29-2

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