That Bitch - Session 5

Mirtala is a pain in my whiskers. Not only did she go and get herself all sick and broken, but she is useless at making conversation, meaning that I don’t even want to be around her enough to bother healing.

Aviellalala has just informed me that it might be prudent to have a bit more sympathy considering rats attempted to eat Mirtala while she was tied up to an altar for an unknown period of time. Hmm. That is unfortunate. I’d be shouting and kicking everyone who approached if it had been me, so I suppose I should be at least somewhat grateful we’re not similar.

I guess I’m ambivalent about her, then. The bawdstrot.

I suppose the reason I’m so frustrated with her is just because I stayed back to heal her for the day while the others seem to have gone on quite an excellent adventure. Skein and Irjan nearly actually genuinely died this time! Like, closer than normal! And I wasn’t there to see it.

Apparently there were mushrooms involved. The team wasn’t clear exactly on what happened or how when it came to the mushrooms, but I’m guessing that it’s especially disappointing that I missed that particular aspect of the adventure. I haven’t had much of an encounter with any mushrooms since my younger days.

I’m getting back in the fight, though. Tomorrow we move on to bigger and better things. Maybe I’ll get the chance to do some killing rather than some healing. I’m so ready.

That Bitch - Session 5

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