Scales of War

Of Bonecrunchers, Fiery Rifts, and Trapped Spirits

In which we all learn a little more about Irjan

Starday, 8 Goodmonth, 1468 CY – Day 2 in the Shadowfell

The Bonecruncher Clan, a group of mercenary ogres, challenged the group to see if they were worthy of fighting alongside the mighty warriors of their clan. Grymm, Irjan, Tanner, and Skien were separated from the others, and each had to face their own group of fierce ogres.

The battle was going well in the Hordebane’s favor, but increasingly powerful earthquakes eventually ripped the ground open and creatures formed from the molten rock came out and began attacking anyone within reach. In particular, some fire bats started strafing the crowds and lighting everyone on fire. If it hadn’t been for a friendly mercenary cleric (who didn’t demand payment for his services after), the Hordebane might have become a significantly lesser threat to hordes.

Finally, things returned to what passed for normal in the mercenary camps, and the group continued on their search for Modra. In so doing, they learned a little about Irjan’s past when a young spirit-girl called the blind dragonborn a bad man and accused him of killing her. Her spirit was being trapped in the skull tap-handle at a tavern in the slave market, and fortunately Irjan was able to clear his name a little (with her, anyway), by assisting in freeing her spirit and several others that had been trapped there.

Death Toll

A few ogres were killed, and several fire elementals were eliminated. Also, a few trapped spirits were released to go to their final rest.

New Acquisitions
  • 400 XP to all players (Total: 7135).
  • Battlecrazed Battleaxe +2 taken by Grymm
  • Brooch of Shielding +1 taken by Irjan
  • Deathburst Leather Armor +2 taken by Tanner
  • Forgemaster’s Gloves taken by Skien

Character Journals

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Skien – Session 18
Tanner – Session 18
Irjan – Session 18
Grymm – Session 18
Lilac – Session 18
Saul – Session 18
That Bitch – Session 18
Diony – Session 18

Alternatively, you each may pose a scenario by email or on facebook to foster PC interaction. A transcript of this character development must be copy-pasted in lieu of your journal entry before the next session.



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