Scales of War

Who was Modra?

Another dead man.

Sunday, 9 Goodmonth, 1468 CY – Day 3 in the Shadowfell

Tracked down Modra thanks to a shadar-kai named Leena.
Distracting fistfight in the streets while Irjan and Tanner cased the Foundry.
Stopped Modra at the Foundry; Aviella killed the dark creeper in a single, devastating blow.
Escaped through Sarshan’s private tunnel into his tower while Aviella held off Sarshan’s elite guard; found a secret shrine hidden along the tunnel.
Emerged in the library, fought your way into the tower plus a few chainfighters who joined from the next room.

Death Toll

Modra and his remaining loyal henchmen were killed in the Foundry, as was a huge two-headed boar that was the result of one of Sarshan’s foul experiments. Also, six shadar-kai fighting in defense of Sarshan’s tower (so far).

Aviella was found to be not dead after all…though perhaps a part of her has in fact died since she last saw the Hordebane.

New Acquisitions
  • 795 XP to all players (Total: 7930). Everyone is now Level 6!
  • Periapt of Recovery +2 taken by Diony
  • Resounding Warhammer +2 taken by That Bitch
  • Amulet of Protection +2 taken by Lilac
  • 5 books Grymm scooped off the library shelves for Skien, one of which is a Tome of the North Wind +2
  • A gem-encrusted golden chalice filled with tangy-smelling, blood red fluid and the etched inscription “mazel tov”

RP Sessions

Transcripts of important interactions from the RP sessions will be posted here:
RP Session 1
RP Session 2


Super pumped for the RP session.

Who was Modra?

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