Scales of War

the real bitch-queen afterall...

Excerpt from Chris’s Encoded Letter to Lilianna

So instead of getting out of this damn place after the ceiling collapses these geniuses think it’s a great idea to go back in. How they decide to do things never makes any sense. Seriously! For example, they listen to this blind idiot’s advice on the best way to climb up this rubble that has blocked everything because of the stupid quake that collapsed the ceiling. Blindy one actually comes up with some path on which rocks to use so that we can anchor a rope for everyone else to use to climb. Of course they expect me to go first because I’m expendable and they don’t know if this plan will work. But, when it’s you against a group, sometimes you do what you have to. I climb up and secure the pitons and have to help the nice one before she falls while trying to secure this rope to make this ridiculous climb easier for everyone else. We have to scuttle, yes, that says scuttle, across this valley. I tried to jump it, let’s just say that didn’t end pretty.

As we continue to go deeper into this place, the energy is palpable. There’s glowing red light and around one turn is two red skinned demons in front of a pile of dwarven skulls. To make matters worse there is this serpent like creature with a humanoid face and it’s actually coiled up around this pile of skulls. There is this huge deep chasm in the middle of the room glowing red.

The nice one lays down this springboard so that we can cross over the chasm. She tells about the types of creatures these things are. Snake-bitch attacks Taily, Blindy, and Nicey with this round of thunder which is surprisingly painful from their reactions. Out of the thunderpan and into the fire, I use the springboard to propel across the chasm and attack one of the trident-demons. I bring it to the ground as I jump the chasm and knock it prone.
To make things worse, a lava creature climbs out of the chasm. Lavaman creates this cyclone of fire damage by running in a circle encompassing the rest of them. The stupid demon impaled me with his trident because I was distracted by firecircle and the other demon shoots poison breath on Buggy. The nice one heals me a bit cuz the trident hurts more than I would like to admit. So obviously, not thrilled with this demon who got a little too happy with his trident, I push it back into Lavaman and it slows them down just for a bit.

Fighting continues for minutes before anyone comes to the other side of the chasm to help me out. They tend to just stay in their little group and just leave me alone hoping I’ll do most of the work for them. Except the nice one, she doesn’t want me to die so heals me from time to time. I wrench the trident from the demon and knock it into the chasm as it tries to avoid my attack. Then it disappears. Taily sees this and explains to all of us that there is a portal to the elemental chaos.

Blindy teleports over the chasm which draws snake-bitch’s attention and she attacks, him, me and Taily. Lucky for us, Lavaman also gets hit. Blindy gets all shiny, I still don’t know what that’s about, and I try to gather up all my reserves. More fighting and bug swarm pounces on snake-bitch in wasp form shaped like a dove. (yes I did tell you that they were geniuses right?)

Trident-demon says something to snake-bitch before jumping into the chasm. Seemingly like this was the real bitch-queen afterall. Nicey finally joins the party on this side of the chasm and attacks snake-bitch. Let me tell you how bad her breath was (or really, you don’t want to know). I grapple snake-bitch and Nicey mounts the skull pile. Snake-bitch slashes at Blindy with her tail, proving that he gives a bad first impression on everyone. Buggy must not have had breakfast because he winds up devouring snake-bitch.

We rummage around the area to figure out as much as we can before we leave. We’ve already realized that there is nothing we can do to actually close the portal in the chasm. The wealth that we had been sent to find was being shipped out through this portal by some group that we weren’t able to identify. It seems like queen snake-bitch didn’t even know who she was working for. Buggy collapses the ceiling on purpose this time as this is the only way that we can stall beings coming through the portal.



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