Diony - Session 2

Another day. Another fever-PITCHed adventure? Oh, how fond I am of a good (bad?) pun…

It seemed as if I’d awakened from dreams of a bad comedy this morning; those of a more than ridiculous fight involving a goodly amount of inflammable pitch. And a bear. I’d been about to laugh at the absurdity, and yet, there was a smell in the air. The smell of spent pitch…

Upon awakening, I was presented with some unexpected sounds from the mouth of the cave. Gladly, I investigated (gladly, because I did not wish to endure that smell any longer). How could I have known that the source of these misplaced sounds would also be the source of an even fouler stench? After a short series of interrogatories to identify the intruder’s intent (alliteration?), I learned that there were not one, but two culprits. We determined that they were no danger to us (although my suspicions remained), and that indeed, they shared similar purpose, however, their desire to locate the source of Brindol’s new “goblin problem” was less rooted in the desire for personal gain than our own, I suppose.

We completed the journey to Castle Rivenroar with our new cohorts in good time, and delved into their ruinous abyss (I do have quite the flair for the dramatic, no?). Unfortunately, as we emerged (or rather just as we were about to emerge) from the descent, we found ourselves beset upon by a small group of goblins and hobgoblins. To our misfortune, they managed to bottle us in the narrow stairway leading into the larger chamber therein. After a bit of a struggle, we managed to finally break through. Once we had, we made short work of the group, although one goblin did manage to escape.

Once we had dispatched our enemies, Skein (our pitch-loving companion) once again demonstrated why he was not to be trusted with inflammable substances. He, before consulting with the larger group, proceeded to pour a good deal of pitch in front of a doorway which happened to be rather conspicuously placed between two large braziers which were not only themselves on fire, but also, through some trick of magic, passing large gouts of flame back and forth among them at regular intervals. I believe that in my previous entry, I’d stated that I was only slightly more wary of Skein’s judgment? Let this latest entry serve as an addenda to indicate that I no longer trust his judgment at all; most particularly where these types of inflammable substances are concerned. Maybe there is just something about entering enclosed spaces that triggers some desire to burn everything in him.

We then attempted to sneak through the corridor into which we’d seen the lone goblin survivor flee, and managed to spy a number of new foes awaiting us. Things quickly escalated and within moments we were jammed into a second corridor attempting to fight off a new rash of goblins and hobgoblins. The end result was the same, however I myself had become badly wounded in this second encounter, where I had remained completely unscathed in the first.

We rested for a few moments to heal, and then moved on to further search the ruins for the victims and artifacts that had been taken from Brindol. As we pushed forward, we came across another room which apparently held some sort of portal into another world. Tanner and Skein had mentioned something about the Shadowfell, I believe? It was hard to remember, considering that from within that portal emerged a rather large jelly-like creature, as well as one or two smaller enemies, which demanded a bit more of our attention than the origins of the portal had. These new foes we removed with much greater efficiency. It seems that being stuck within a hallway may not necessarily be the ideal manner of engagement with one’s attackers.

We decided not to attempt a crossing into the other plane, for two main reasons; the first being that our more knowledgeable party members recognized that this particular portal was only one-way in nature (how the creatures from the other side were able to make it back is far beyond my knowledge), but in concert with this, because of the apparent danger of the aforementioned attackers. It simply would not have been prudent. I shudder to consider the hilarity that would have ensued if we’d all somehow managed to become stopped up within the portal as we had in two of our most recent battles.

Another encounter later (yet ANOTHER where we’d managed to become logjammed into a hallway), and still no sign of those items and individuals for which/whom we’d trekked to Rivenroar for in the first place. I was happy, however, to have come across a rather nice crossbow, which seems to have been imbued with some manner of magical properties. I have a confidence that I will find ample use for it in our future endeavors both within, and without these ruins.

After having taken a goodly rest to recover from the numerous skirmishes of the day, we awoke, and continued upon our search. Within a reasonably short amount of time we had finally managed to locate one of the kidnapped – Sertanian – who’d been upon our list of those to (attampt to?) rescue. And, rescue, we did. I managed to pick the lock on his cell, freeing him from his captors. We doubled back to the room in which we’d slept for the night (some sort of makeshift goblin barracks, it seemed), and outfitted Sertanian with some goblin armor and weaponry. Far from ideal, but if luck serves us, enough to keep him breathing long enough to make it back to Brindol.

I then attempted to scout a room ahead of us (along with one of our newest compatriots, a rather entertaining, and interesting fellow named Irjan [blind fellow, in fact! Not bad with a ranged weapon, considering. Although, I suppose a few of us may have a lump or two as a result of him having been towards the back of the group during one or two fights]). Unfortunately, I haven’t been as stealthy as of late as I am typically known for, and managed to alert a fresh set of enemies to our presence. These foes could have been particularly deadly, had it not been for our newly achieved determination to not become stuck within another hallway. A point was made to notify the group to NOT simply rush into the corridor to engage the enemies (zombies, if you must know). Because of this, we managed to maintain a degree of mobility which allowed us to turn their powerful force back, even when the odds seemed in their favor. It is my hope that this newfound group awareness will serve as an indication that we are bonding (at least on some very basic level) and will continue to become more tactically adept in our future travels.

Assuming that no more pitch is to be involved, naturally.

[To be continued…]

Diony - Session 2

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