Diony - Session 4

It is amazing to me that years of practice in the art of moving gracefully in stealth now seem completely wasted. Someone who didn’t know better could not be faulted for thinking me an oaf. Luckily for me, I am with just such a group. Audible sigh.

It is slowly becoming more apparent that in this group’s fairly short time together, we’ve begun to function more as a unit and less like a collection of individuals. This I am extremely thankful for, as each encounter seems a greater test of our abilities than the previous.

Some of the party, and those we set out to save now seem to be suffering from some sort of digestional inefficacy. Mirtala in particular has been looking rather green, though I’m fairly certain that she is no orc. My hope is only that she does not slow the party down. I would not miss her if something were to happen, but I fear that the fewer the number of living we return with, the lesser the reward may be, and my feet have long since grown impatient of these unforgiving stone floors.

We eventually were able to save the boy (Kartenix’s kin, I believe?) from a rather nasty bunch. A wight, and a number of skeletons, who had been attempting some sort of arcane ritual apparently meant to sap the boy’s life force for some nefarious purpose or other. perhaps Tanner would know, as he is credited with putting an end to the ritual with one of his own. As the battle drew to a close, and Skein finished off the wight, it was as if the very soul of the catacombs suffered a subtle, yet clear metamorphosis. This place is awash with a fresh sense of overwhelming calm, but whether it is a good calm I cannot say. It rather feels as if we’ve entered the eye of a potent storm.

I ache to be rid of this place…

Diony - Session 4

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