Irjan - Session 4

It vas kind of interesting to Irjan by dhis point. Vhy did dhe sneaksie-Elf think he vas so sneeaksie all dhe time? Hy suppose he tried, he really did, but he carried dhem both down dhe steps like a boulder rolling down a mountain. Lucky for dhem dhis time dhere vere no chily zombies vaiting for dhem. Dhere vas just some pool of vater.

Tso, vater cannot be all dhat bad, yah? Tso Irjan takes his bowl and drinks some of it, but it vasn’t very good. All dhe other peepils try to tell Irjan dhe vater in dhe pool shouldn’t be drunk, but it vasn’t as though they even tried any! Dhen, dhey try to tell him dhe pool vas showing dhem things, places in dhe castle. it sounded like it might be one ov dhose looksie pools, but dhey never explain vhy dhat makes dhe vater bad to drink. Tzo Irjan vaits patiently vhile dhe peepil lookz at dhe pool for a vhile, but he doezn’t see vhat dhe big deal vaz.

But, vhen dhey open dhe next door, Irjan can feel dhe bad in dhe room, along vith zome thingz moving around. Dhe shmelly boy and dhe qviet anger both gotz knocked around a bit, but Thebbizh and dhe shpikey man makes short verk of dhe battle. Irjan vas okay, but dhe odhere peepil needed a break after dhat fight, tzo dhey vent back to dhe pool room to rezht a bit.

From dhere, dhey moved into a hall of broken things, and Irjan sneaks up to sense vhat is in dhe hall ahead. Dhere is a bit of a climb, but it takez more time dhan effort. At dhe top, Irjan can feel dhe heat from anodher fire like in dhe very firsht room. But he can alzo feel zome things moving around dhe valls, vitch is not gud. Tzo he motions to dhe odheres to come qvick az something in dhe middile of dhe room sounds like it’s breaking through something stone.

It vas a gud fight! Dhe big thing zmashed right through a pillar vhich dropped dhe magey-hoo and dhe shpikey-mans. It took a bit for Irjan to find dhe mouth of dhe magey-hoo, but he doez it soon and pours his potion of dhe feel gud into it. Tzo, everyone getz up and dhey zmash into dhe big thing like it did dhe pillar.

It seemz like dhis makes someone very angry, and he tellz everybody to run for dhere livez or some such, Irjan vazn’t paying too much attention. Instead, he vent all sneaksie like up to anodhrer door and tries to get a gud hear of vhat vas on dhe odher side. Dhe bad thing vas dhe shtupid door scraping dhe ground and alerting all dhe folks on dhe odhere side. Irjan vas ready for a fight, but dhen he sensed dhat he vas alone, vhich is not a gud shpot for a blind man. Tzo, Irjan decide it’z probably a gud idea to run back to dhe odhers through dhe broken hall to dhe pool room. Dhe Shpikey-mans dropped some marbles on dhe floor, juzt in case. And by dhe sound of it, it vas a gud thing!

The fud was not tzo gud. lotz ov de peepil getz tummy-aches from dhe food. One of dhe women from dhe Brindol-City getx it real bad, but she’z not tso gud before. But dhey suck it up and head back to dhe room vith the grinding door. Irjan shneaks again towardz dhe room and senses some kind of hobgobliny thing vas vaiting for us. In dhe darkness of dhe broken hall, Irjan took hiz bow and concentrated on dhe vaiting Hobgoblin. He hearz dhe bloodz flowing and takez aim at it and SHNAP! Vith dhe deadly precision, dhe hobgoblin heart vas stopped.

Dhere vere a few undead type things vith dhe hobgoblin, but the odhers make dhe short werk of dhem, and qvickly headed to dhe room vhere dhey heard dhe voice telling dhem to run.

Dhis time, dhe voice didn’t say to run, but commanded some undead things to rize. Dhe battle vas fierzome az dhe peepil tried to rescue a boy from dhe Brindol-City. Vhile odhere peepil did dhe fighting, Irjan ran to dhe boy to rescue him, but dhere was some kind ov trap or something dhat put a bruning vall around Irjan and dhe boy. It may have been a gud time for Irjan to have some eyez.

But dhe odheres killt dhe undead dhings and the magey-hoo took down dhe magic trap after some verk. Vell, dhen dhe boy was free, and Irjan vas not so keen on him being tzo talky. But, because dhe undead things vere deaded, a huge sword and a magicky set of armor hanging on dhe vall vere recovered. Irjan vas able to make gud use of dhe armor, and dhe peepil sets a gud camp to rezt up for dhe next part.

Irjan - Session 4

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