RP Session 25-1

A Horde of Hordebanes

We’re picking up to RP everyone’s reactions to learning some of Hoffmeisteri’s abilities, and GO!

The berbalang exploded in a splash of psychic gore, which melts away as your brains realize there are other things more important to think about.

prof hoff morphs back to his regular form, “whoa, i feel a tid-bit queasy”

Chris: Is that absolutely necessary?

Hoff: “humph, not a fan or worms… chris is it?”

Lilac is squicked but being a rural girl it’s not too bad. She was mostly startled to see the transformation so suddenly and unexpectedly.

Chris: uhjghyfccfrt (shudders)

Tanner begins using prestidigitate to remove any berbalang residue from us all. Then he proceeds to try to clean up any stray worms… but it seems there aren’t any of those either. They must all be reincorporated into the strange gnome. Tanner was familiar with druids turning into beasts… but this was a tad different.
R: (Does prestidigitate tingle?)
Prestidigitate does not tingle, unless Tanner wishes it to. It can certainly be unnerving to see dirt suddenly come out of armor, skin, clothing, etc as though it has evaporated.

Tanner: “Uh, Professor, can you explain how you turned into a heap of hostile worms? I am familiar with druids and their beast shape, and it didn’t seem like an arcane effect… but it certainly was curious.”

Lilac walks up to the professor after holstering her crossbow and rearranging some loose strands of hair. “Professor, you’re a Druid! That explains the interesting casting style earlier. Tell me, do you have a circle?” Though Lilac’s expertise is the arcane, she has read books on primal magic and is suddenly fascinated by the gnome.

prof hoff, “humph, im the least of your worries, intothebubbly”

Lilac: “Into… the bubbly…?”

Hoff: “yes, mmhh. ’tis a splendid word”

Chris just looks at hoffwormster like he’s crazy. She tries to look covertly at L to see if she thinks so too.
E: He very well might be [crazy].

Lilac glances at Tanner briefly and then back to the quizzical gnome professor. “Well, um. Was that what you were stalking professor? If so, what are your plans now that it’s dead?”

Tanner: “At any rate, thank you, Professor, for helping us defeat that demon. We’re really looking to stop the Queen of the desert, and this appears to be a dead end, so I propose we backtrack until we find another avenue forward. You’re welcome to join us, Professor, especially since you seem to be able to handle yourself.”

prof hoff looks a L, and just looks then shakes his head slowly " I think i will follow, but be assured, i can handle myself"

As Chris glances over at L, she notices that the crypt from whence the berbalang sprang contains the dessicrated remains of an interred corpse, who was buried with a very fine weapon.
Chris: (OHH SHINY!!)

Tanner pauses for a moment as he feels a bit faint. “Although I could use a few hours of rest. Maybe it’s best to look for someplace quiet to hole up before we make another foray.”

Lilac giggles and pats Tanner on the back, “The Hordebane seems to be gaining a lot of honorary members these days.”

Tanner: “It can’t hurt for there to be a horde of us, now can it?”

Lilac: “Mmm, I feel like if the Hordebane is a horde itself that’s asking for trouble.”

Hoff: “i’m not as spry as i once was, perhaps rest would be beneficial…and a nice hot cup of tea”

Tanner considers how they would manage a cup of hot tea… his prestidigitation could make a cup of plain water taste and seem like a cup of hot tea, perhaps…

“I haven’t seen a sword like this before,” Chris said, pointing it out to the others.

The sword is a heavier blade than the long sword Chris currently wields, with a crescent-shaped curve at the tip that looks like it could make a wicked slash.
Chris: (wicked chuckle)

Lilac examines the blade (can she tell what it’s enchantment is?).

It takes some time to examine the magical enchantment of a weapon. As she looks at it, Lilac notes that the hilt has an interesting mottled texture, as though the leather binding it is made from snake skin. The blade itself is made from a very finely forged metal—Lilac isn’t sure which, though she know That Bitch would have been able to tell in an instant—with a shimmery blue tinge along the very sharp, curved edge.

If Irjan examines it, it feels impossibly cold to his touch, though the others do not notice this to be the case.

Chris: I haven’t seen a weapon with this tinge before, have you?

Ultimately, as the others tend their wounds and recover from the fight with the berbalang, Lilac determines that it is a Scalebane weapon, known for being particularly useful against reptilian creatures.

Lilac relates the weapons properties to Chris, and jests, “It’d be useful when paying Irjan back for that arrow eh?” while nudging the brawler’s side cheerfully with an elbow. Lilac then recalls how serious Chris’ disposition is and regrets the joke.

Chris grins, perhaps a bit too wide while looking at Irjan’s direction.

prof hoff “ah what a fine blade indeed, and do well to cause harm, mmhh” walks away grumbling and produces a package of tea tonic…brewing tea….cold brew

Chris: It doesn’t appear that there are any ways forward from this room? That we would have to double back?

S: are we sure there is nothing else in this area?
There is nothing else in this area. The 8-10 used crypts in this area contain remains that were devoured by the berbalang. From here, you can backtrack to return upstairs, and there are two areas yet to be explored on the opposite sides of the courtyard where you fought the carrion crawler and the harpies.

Lilac: “Well I guess we back track and explore other avenues.”
Chris: I agree
Hoff: nods
“Alright then, onward!” Tanner sweeps back toward the entrance to the crypt.

Chris: Rolls eyes.
Lilac follows Tanner.
prof hoff raises an eyebrow, shakes his head and follows.

Irjan has to this point been recovering what arrows he can, seemingly more distraught at losing his liquor than the Gnome being able to transform into a mass of worms. “Oh, Ve go now?”

The sloshing of the small barrel at Irjan’s hip does indeed indicate a perilously low supply. However, his increased sobriety can only mean good things for the Hordebane.

As the group retraces their steps, re-absorbing the crazy bird man into their ranks in the process, the idea of stopping somewhere to rest doesn’t sound too appealing considering that the Queen of the Drylands still hasn’t been found or defeated.

Chris: If she’s not here do we have any other idea where she could be?
She could be here, just in another part of the fortress. There are two areas yet to be explored.

And the Hordebane continues to search through the Karak Lode, seeking the Queen of the Drylands to end her evil tyranny…

RP Session 25-1

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