Skein - Session 4

To the Raven Queen I give my thanks
From the day I was shown her splendor
To the day when her rites are given unto me
I owe to her what I am

*Sunday, 16 Reaping 1468 CY

It is midnight

A time of power for many of all faiths. Now is the time when the true soul is said to come forth in all its forms. Dark, light, and those in-between are revealed in the shadow of the very world that we stand upon. Our colors are borne for all to see.

Of course, we are always in shadow here.

Our food supplies are scarce and our water is even more worrying. Injuries aside, some of my companions are coming down with the filth sickness. The undead and other creatures of darkness we have been fighting while in here have begun to take an insidious toll on our warband . I suspect the food that we found on the goblin soothsayers did not help, in that regard. The worst of us is the woman, Mirtala, she can hardly stand. Going back to the village will be tricky at best, the trek out was hard enough without the injured and sick weighing us down. Still, I’d rather carry one of them on my back then leave them in this hell they call a crypt.

The boy might even be of some use to us, he seems clever enough with his hands and feet at any rate. The others have not told him of his father’s fate. Lack of time and a want to spare his feelings is likely first and foremost on their minds, in the end it matters not. I know what it’s like to grow up not knowing what happened to your parents. I won’t let him suffer like I did. I will be the one to tell him what happened to his father at first march. In private, if possible.

In combat our group is faring better. A strategy, of sorts, is starting to crop up between our group members. Myself and The Bitch have gotten to separating undead with our collective divine abilities, while almost everyone has learned to give Irjan a clear arc of fire whenever possible. Even Tanner has started stepping up to the plate, more than once putting himself into the front lines proper in order to protect his teammates. As for the foul one, he remains useful when he can pry himself away from Jalissa.

Aviella… has proven invaluable in many fights, though there are times when she seems an entirely different person. That person scares me a little, to be honest. I like her better as the pretentious bitch that she is most of the time. We’ve managed to broker something of a peaceful coexistence between the two of us, mostly by the two of us sleeping on opposite ends of whatever room we are resting in at the time and neither really bothering the other unless it’s terribly important.

Also, I’ve been given a new weapon by the party by virtue of nobody else being able to wield it. A massive blade, referred to by That Bitch as a dwarven-craft Full-blade (or three-hand blade.) I hold no great love for swords of any type. They are clumsy, poor weapons to be used in a secondary manner to an axe or pole-arm, useful only due to ease with which they can be carried when compared to a superior weapon. Still,I do find it strangely compelling. I likely can modify my tactics with a pole-arm to wield it, and the blade seems to have a potent enchantment which may prove useful yet.

Skein - Session 4

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