Party Coin Purse

PP GP SP CP Other Money-like Items
0 1670 0 0 1 small blue quartz gem
3 jade gems
1 spinel gem
1 flawed garnet

Purchases/Deductions from and Divisions of the Party Coin Purse must be recorded here:

  • Gold (1172) divided at session 7: 195 gp to each player, change added to Coin Purse
  • 1000 Gold divided at session 13: 142 gp to each player, change added to Coin Purse
  • 2 small topaz gems sent to Adronsius and Aviella’s family.
  • 1 medium jasper gem used to barter with Master Pippenzie at the Moldy Scroll.
  • 1 small blue quartz gem given to the ranger with the pet monkey to keep an eye on those watching the Mountain’s Hearth, but it was stolen when he was beat up by the Lost Ones.
  • Party Coin Purse was emptied at Session 21 to pay for transportation and prepare for the journey into the Thornwaste. Additional funds from adventuring in the Shadowfell were then placed in the Party Coin Purse, and 400 gp of those funds were spent on potions.
  • When Chris joined the party, she was paid an advance of 100gp (?) from the party treasury.

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Party Coin Purse

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